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Weight Loss-Healthy Gain

When you are overweight, it’s a serious issue. The physical side is carrying extra weight that can make you more susceptible to heart problems, diabetes, stroke, and various types of cancer. The mental and emotional side is that it can affect your body image as well thus causing problems with your self-esteem, which can lead to a lack of confidence and possibly hinder your efforts to become the success you desire.


Work Less Accomplish More

We now present to you 101 quick productivity tips that you can apply to your daily life. Note that while we used the word “work” here, in practice these tips can be used to organize and slap rockets onto your home and social life. Work better and start to impress your boss, client or coworkers. You will never know when you are next in line for a promotion. And so, we begin.


Write More Effective Ads

Advertising is something to be regarded as a work of beauty or art? Is it clever slogans or amusing prose? Is it workmanship to be judged for an award or recognition? It’s none of the above. Advertising is salesmanship multiplied. Nothing more. And advertising copy, or copywriting, is salesmanship in print. The purpose of a copywriter‘s job is to sell. Period. The selling is accomplished by persuasion with the written word, much like a television commercial sells (if done properly) by persuading with visuals and audio. Discover how to write more effective ads that can bring tremendous results.