Video Blogging Secrets

Video blogging is steadily emerging as one of the newest, hottest Internet trends. However, as the art of the video blog – often called “vlogging,” “vidding,” or “vidblogging” by lovers of the craft – is still relatively new as compared to more traditional methods of information dissemination over the Internet, so many people aren‟t exactly familiar with the ins and outs of the process. That‟s where this primer comes into help. With this in hand, you can go out there and tackle your cyber audiences with the pomp and flash that video blogging offers.Video blogging truly allows you to bring yourself and your offerings into the homes and workplaces of the viewer like no other form of information sharing can offer. What is video blogging? It’s a highly effective way of sharing information through the heightened capabilities of modern technology. Used correctly it can get your name, face, and products out on the world wide web with greater impact and efficiency than any other method of advertising. Why should you video blog? It’s effective, inexpensive, and most people would say it’s fun!



What? A Video Blog – What is it?

The salience of this technique on the Information Superhighway may surprise you. If you’ve been on the Internet for any period of time at all, you‟re likely familiar with the blog. A blog – short for “weblog” – is essentially a stream of articles that is constantly being updated. Blogs are used for several purposes across the Internet, from self-promotion to corporate memo slinging to self-expression and nearly anything in between.

Blogs have great value to websites that use them properly – through a blog, a website can both show how active it is as well as reach out constantly to the website‟s viewers with new, updated information. A blog is often the number one reason why visitors return to certain sites, as  Page 6 most other site content is static. A blog is anything but, and a good blog keeps the viewer wanting more and coming back. A video blog is the same thing; just replace article feeds with videos.

The great thing about video blogging is that it totally revolutionizes the purpose and scope of a blog – where as before the information was consigned to the written page (rather, the written web page), now the blog has gone 3D. For example, if you happen to run a travel blog, a traditional blog would allow you to get the information of your exploits out to your readers in a concise and timely fashion, but often your reader‟s understanding of the situation was limited to both your writing abilities and the amount of time you had to dedicate to the creation of the post. Not all of us are Hemmingway – much can get lost in the translation from experience to memoir. This is where the video blog comes in. Want your readers to experience the view at the top of Diamondback?

Don’t just tell them with words: with the video blog you can show them with a panoramic shot of the beautiful island spread at the foot of the mountain. Video blogging is also incredibly useful for those who run do-it-yourself websites – instead of dealing with numbering your steps and agonizing over word choice, why not set up a camera and film the process of changing a tire, spackling a wall, or soldering a pipe? Even if you‟ve never heard of a video blog before, don‟t think that this is an isolated phenomenon only known by tech-heads. The video blog has been in existence since the early 2000s, and one trip to YouTube will show you just how thriving the video blogging community really is. There‟s even an annual video blogging award that‟s been held since 2006, and a movie is due to be released as a major motion picture in 2011, which will be comprised entirely of video blogs. Video blogging is an excellent way of getting the information regarding your product, services, or opinions out on the Internet. Just as a traditional blog feed showcases your website as living entity, the video blog does that and also allows your face and movements to be connected with the website that‟s promoting your goods.


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