Timeless Sales Strategies

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In this book, you will learn all about ideas that sales superstars use to become who they are today and how you can become like them too. In the 21st century, times have changed and it isn‟t easy to anticipate the demands of your clients or customers. We know because we went down that road before and we can testify that it isn’t easy whether you are online or offline. Gone are the days of pounding the pavement or pounding the phone hoping to get sales from random strangers. Just take a look at history. So now go out and apply these sales strategies and acquire the skills to make your sales go beyond your expectations.



This is Timeless Sales Strategies how to leverage on powerful online and offline strategies to boost your sales! Ancient civilizations were all conquered by foreign nations with superior weaponry like guns, grenades and cannons. Your swords and shields won‟t win you the battle no matter how motivated or hyped up you are.

Timeless Sales Strategies Timeless Sales Strategies 7 It is the same when it comes to sales. In the sales line today, you just can‟t approach your 21st century customers with obsolete tactics from the 80s. In a few moments, you will understand what we mean. So sit back and enjoy. Let the theories open your mind and pave the way for your sales success. To Your Success!

Remember what we said about the numbers game? Going through the numbers blindly will not get you anywhere, but once you have the right mindset on how to deal with these numbers EFFECTIVELY, you will be able to maximize your sales. An online business that sells products through a sales letter usually measures it‟s performance through the number of people who purchase the product measured against the number of visitors on the site. This is known as conversion.

If you are doing sales in the real world, you don‟t want to drive your customer away by constant pitching. You want to share your information with them and HELP them to fulfill their needs. Don‟t force a square peg into a round hole by forcing them to buy your product even though you know in your heart that the product does NOT help the prospect. It will come back and haunt you later. If the prospect doesn’t fall within your target market, let him or her go. That is going through your numbers effectively.

Remember, the ball is always in your court.


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