The Anxiety Antidote

Our life is full of stress and tension. If you think that you are the only person who is born with so many problems then, you are mistaken because everyone is tense in his own way but this is all about handling that pressure and tension effectively. Some people can handle those emotions, feelings, problems and tensions more positively than the others which make their life little more peaceful. Anxiety has different types and majorly you can divide it in two types which can be negative and positive. Now, most of you will wonder that how come anxiety can be positive thing but believe it or not if you utilize anxiety in proper way then it can be a much focused set of thoughts which can give you strength and courage to move forward in life. Anxiety has different types which can give you different sorts of disorders and disorientation in personality. To solve these problems, you need some effective needs to control your anxiety and in this EBook I will try to tell you all of such techniques which can help you in controlling your emotions, thoughts and angriness. These techniques will help you to make your life a happy experience.



Oh No . . . is it Anxiety or a Panic Attack?

If you remain stressed out too often or you feel anger without reasons then, you are a victim of anxiety. There are too many worries in our routine life but if you started to scream and show weariness on each and every one of these worries then, things will get complicated and complex and you will not fit in society. Anxiety is not a bad feeling all the times instead it can give you energy and hope in some desperate situations but that hope and strength comes from controlled anxiety.

There are different reasons behind anxiety getting out of control. It can be a phobia, an emotional situation, an accidental trauma and any of such other events but once you realize the core problem then, it gets easier to eliminate and address that situation. The main question here is that is anxiety disorder a disease or it is just another mental situation. The answer depends upon the state of anxiety because a long term anxiety disorder can lead you to a full time illness or disease but if you can control it in initial stages then, it can be just another temporary mental situation.

Anxiety can be of many types. There can be different types of anxiety which can bother you at times. It can be just a bad feeling or it can be a panic attack but the type depends upon the severity of the event. There is a generalized anxiety disorder and in this disorder a person worries too much about a particular situation or event for example someone can take extra tension or care for his kids and that can lead to anxiety disorder.

Now people often get confused about panic disorder and anxiety disorder. These two are different things but are related to each in a sense that they are produced under similar set of circumstances. When you experience most severe type of anxiety disorder then, they turn into panic attacks and it is also called panic disorder. For example if you have got out in your car and suddenly you feel that your heart is racing, your blood pressure increases, your head feels dizzy and you faint. This is not anxiety instead this is called panic attack which can occur after constant tension and pressure building. Another thing is phobia and as I mentioned above that some people start taking something or some event more seriously and they start to think about that thing 24/7 a day and this becomes a phobia.

For example some people think so much about darkness that they cannot go into dark places as garage or any other similar place alone. This is called phobia and it can be of any time. Some people can have water phobia that they become afraid of water. Treatment of Anxiety Disorders People often think that phobia, anxiety, stress, tension and similar other types of things cannot be treated with medicines and this is true to some extent but there are medicines which can act as catalyst in your treatment procedure. Mind therapies are the best and almost only way of getting rid of these stressed situations but mental relieving medicines also play their role.


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