Teach Bass Fishing

Learn theb master and optimize YOUR personal tangle with one of nature‟s most worthy champions and opponents and then teach others the techniques to successfully catch bass. Play the angler‟s game of condition, circumstance, knowledge, opportunity and skill Synergize and Strategize! Shape YOUR OWN PERSONAL APPROACH to catching Bass, AND THEN more, bigger, more often, consistently and regardless of conditions, considerations, and or interplay of other random factors Plan to succeed… and YOU will. This ‘how to’ guide, will help, give you background information, handy tips and pointers to ponder, consider, try, master the concepts of successful bass fishing and turn it into a successful Home Business . . . ENJOY!



Make Money Teaching Bass Fishing

Teach about something you have a passion for and have a blast doing it.

Doing your part to protect nature and conserve it for future generations, is mandatory and regulated. Using barb-less hooks and or removing them easily. Holding the fish in the water, gently while unhooking, minimizing the trauma and damage to the fish is crucial. Support the fish and let it go with the current, swimming away and left to live another day, for many battles more to come! Do all you can to understand and adhere to licensing, permits, closed season stipulations, minimum size and catch limits

These and other measures are there to protect and serve, to minimize the risk of over-fishing and species becoming extinct. This might not be the utter finest book on bass fishing ever written, but may the passion and contents inspire you to greatness as an avid and successful angler. If we can but ignite confidence and hints of excitement for fisher-folk, young and old, then these pages have succeeded!  May the road (and the waters, The Bass), come up to meet you… May your journey and journal grow, each entry teaching more, increasing confidence and aptitude!

May the pleasures of Bass fishing and the many ways we can choose actively to partake of it, bring you continued and continual enjoyment, reward, haul and immense pleasure!




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