Money and Me (You)

“I can’t be wealthy”, “I can’t have a lot”, “Money is the root of evil”, “I can’t attain more money”, “I can’t win”, “Life isn’t fair” …etc How frequently do you echo such phrases? Your success is determined by your beliefs. The limits that you set in your head determine the level of success you reach. Your notions determine the quality of your life. If you could not imagine that it’s possible to earn 10 times your current income, then you’ve set a financial limit in your head. If you could not imagine that you are able to acquire a promotion, then you’ve set a career limit in your head. And the loop goes on. Overtime you’ve embedded a complete set of confining beliefs and limits in your head. These boundaries and limits prohibit you from living the life of your aspirations and decrease your chances to succeed. In this book I’m going to share with you a few valuable tips that can help you defeat your constrictive beliefs and set up new limits for success. Yes you can!!



Understanding Your Reality Is Crucial When individuals try to sit down and write up a purpose or mission statement, they commonly lack sufficient clarity to do so intelligently. How exactly are you supposed to specify your purpose? Are you merely supposed to know it and force it out of your brain? What if you are able to imagine many different missions that might fit you, but you’ve no idea which is better? What if you can‘t dream up anything at all that appears meaningful to you? What then? Simply because you may not have a pre-encoded purpose doesn‘t mean you don‘t have a purpose however. It merely means that it will take more work to specify your purpose.

Your purpose isn‘t truly something you discover. It would be more exact to say that your purpose is something you co-create founded on your relationship to reality. I wouldn‘t precisely call it a free choice though. There might be multiple choices for you, but all options are not evenly valid. What is required is an intelligent method for formulating your purpose, a process that adds up, such that when you arrive at your concluding answer, you have high faith that it‘s right. The 1st process is to confer with your emotional intelligence. Passion and purpose go hand in hand. Once you expose your purpose, you’ll commonly find it‘s something you‘re enormously passionate about. Emotionally you’ll find that it’s correct.

You Want More Money?

Think about this example of an individual who used an “inner” formula to project goodwill, and the leading to positive responses he got from life as it related to revenue and success. One recent morning I sat concentrating to bring forth an attitude of goodwill to particular individuals and aspects of work or life that I was associated with. During the day, I got a whole series of beneficial news related to the very matters I had been centering on as well as on another aspects of work that I wanted to complete but had set aside for the time being as beyond my present capabilities to achieve due to deficit of time.

I had been broadcasting goodwill to a client company I was on the job with and praying their revenues should step-up. During the day, they closed a good sized order that had been in question. Why Money Responds to Goodwill and Self-giving Karmayogi often writes that money touches on those with goodwill who practice self-giving. Why? To comprehend why, we have to keep in mind that money isn’t a thing, it’s a force. What is the aim of that force? The aim is to promote reciprocally beneficial relationships between humans — so individulas can exchange the fruits of the labor. Money is a power for human interaction and interchange. It enables one-man to work hard growing food and exchange it for another individual‘s labor making products or allowing for services.

Money is like language. It’s intended to help human interaction. Envisage a individual who says that he won’t speak to anybody because he wants to keep all his words to himself. What good is his language to him then? Money is the same. Language matures and becomes valuable only if we relate to others. The more we try to relate and communicate, the more useful language is and the more adept we become in utilizing it. Language has the ability to enable a single person to communicate with the whole of humanity. We don’t hoard language. We don’t try to withdraw the language of others. We naturally comprehend that the more individuals speak our language, the easier it is for us to communicate. The same is true of money. Look upon money in the same way as a means for communication and furthering positive relations with other people. Money grows when we relate positively to others — not when we want to take what they have or acquire more than other people or feel superior to them — but when we feel pleased that everybody around us prospers and when we take active initiative to promote the successfulness of those we meet. Conscious acts of goodwill and self-giving put us in touch with the worldwide power of money and attract the force of money to flow toward, in and through us to the cosmos around.

The more we feel the urge to give it, the more it comes to us.


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