Men Have Labor Pains Too

Men Have Labor Pains Too” will help take the mystery out of labor and delivery. Once you know your part, you’ll feel less anxiety. Undoubtedly she’s purchased many books, now finally there’s information for the fathers too.

This book is a combination of advice from experts and real life experiences from other fathers. It’s your bible for the delivery room. So fear NO MORE about anxieties in the delivery room. Have confidence during this very exciting time in your life.



Men Have Labor Pains Too ” Can Set You And Her On Your Way To A Great Birth Experience!

There’s no medical jargon in this book. It’s written in easy to understand language from a man’s perspective. And don’t worry guys, it’s not graphic at all!

Most men get nauseous just thinking about seeing their partner in pain not to mention the body fluids. Unfortunately, that’s all part of giving birth. But once you’re equipped with information on what’s happening, you’ll find yourself dreading it a whole lot less!

It’s time to lift the stigma that men are uninterested and unsympathetic about their pregnant wife or partner. Arm yourself with all the information you need to know by getting “ Men Have Labor Pains Too ” today for just $XX. You don’t have to stand off in a corner with a glazed look in your eyes while she’s in labor. Get in there and get involved!

Learn how to:

•  Help her focus on her breathing to take her mind off the pain she’ll be feeling

•  Understand what’s happening to her at the different stages of labor

•  What all those machines in the room do and how they work

•  Use a tennis ball to take away some of the pain

•  Be completely supportive and reassuring when she starts to doubt she can make it through

•  Master breathing techniques that will help both of you

Most of your apprehension will fade just by reading this book. After all, once you know what to expect, it doesn’t seem as scary. You are going to be a big part of this baby’s life; you deserve to be a big part of the birth.


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