Marketing Doctrine

Before we sink our teeth into the basis of this book, you should understand that making money online isn‟t difficult, and there are many ways to do it, but it does take work. A lot of people think it‟s just a matter of slapping up a website and waiting for customers to drop by, eager to snatch up your latest product and this is far from true. I believe most of you know this already because if you did venture into the industry with this mind-set, it wouldn‟t be long before you realized just how bogus this idea really is. The best copywriting in the world won‟t save you, if you don‟t have visitors to your site. The hottest product, the best-written e-book, and the most cutting edge software will not be profitable if no one notices it. You need to know how to drive targeted, hungry crowds of buyers to your website, regardless of your niche or industry. That doesn‟t mean that other skills aren‟t just as important. Being able to write is definitely a plus, copy writing is also extremely important in order to convert those visitors into buyers, and a solid product to offer is also critical. Let’s get started!



I remember just how frustrating it was venturing into the Internet Marketing industry. Every Internet Marketer claimed to be the “very best‟, and their methods were the “only ones worth following‟. I really had no idea what to do, who to believe, or where to turn for sound advice without being led around on a very short leash., with my credit card seemingly always in my hand ready to purchase the next „map to nowhere‟.

The money I spent trying to find the missing pieces, the lost chapters of what I believed to be the Blueprint to online success, nearly sent me to the poorhouse, and in the end I was still at square one, with only a slight idea of what direction to take. Sure, I knew a bit more than when I started out. I could now construct a decent website, find potential buyers, make a few dollars from affiliate marketing and set up a Google ad campaign that was somewhat effective, but always extremely costly.

The tough part about being a newbie in the Internet Marketing world is that there are so many options available to you, that unless you figure out, early on, exactly what direction you are going to take, AND stick to, you will create a never-ending maze of opportunities and half finished projects that go nowhere. 6 – After all, the Internet Marketing world caters to every aspect of business online. This includes affiliate marketing, video marketing, newsletter, forums and communities, driving traffic with social sites, Web 2.0 tactics, and so on.

Then you have so many niche markets to choose from, and traffic generation and list building tactics that go on endlessly. It would take your entire lifetime to dominate every aspect of Internet Marketing, and I‟m willing to bet, with so many new techniques popping up each day, you still wouldn’t have tried or done it all. Thankfully, you don’t have to. In a forum that I frequent, one of the most popular questions asked is what are the most important skills that an Internet Marketer is required to either have, or learn. The responses were overwhelming, and apart from the many different beliefs, one thing reigned true in nearly every single post. You need to know how to generate traffic to your website.


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