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If you’re looking for a good way to earn some money on the internet – maybe even enough to quit your day job – one option is to provide writing services to other marketers. Even if you only consider yourself a half-decent writer, there are probably lots of opportunities out there for you to make some money. As the saying goes, Content Is King, but not everybody is comfortable or even able to create that content. They are always looking for ways to create high quality content for their websites, and one of the best ways to do that is by hiring a writer to create the content for them. In this report we’re going to look at some of the ways that you can earn money by writing, including some of the most effective places to find buyers for your work. Let’s get started.



There are several big advantages of getting into the “writing business.” Here are just a couple:

  • It’s in demand
  • You can learn about the market(s)
  • You can find partners First, writing is in demand.

There are far more marketers who are looking for high quality content for their websites than there are writers providing it. Sure, it’s easy to find writers on sites like Elance or oDesk but if you’ve ever tried doing this yourself, you’ve probably experienced the lack of quality that many of those writers offer. Some of them aren’t native English speakers, others just have a poor work ethic – but the fact is, if you provide high-quality content and you’re conscientious about the work you’re doing, you will immediately distance yourself from 95% of your “competition.”

Next, learning about the markets. I refer to this in the plural because you can learn a lot about internet marketing itself, as well as any markets that you write about. If you provide high-quality content, and do so reliably, you will often be able to work with some successful – and maybe even well-known – marketers. They will often have you write on topics that they’re involved in, and you can learn a lot by watching how they do things. Believe me, the first time you write an ebook or report for someone and they take something they paid you $250 for and turn it into a $5,000 payday, it’s going to open your eyes to the potential that’s out there.

Along those same lines, you can often leverage these working relationships into further partnerships. Successful marketers understand that writing is often a stepping stone to bigger and better things. If you work with a marketer by writing for them, and later you graduate to creating and marketing your own products, that marketer is much more likely to partner up with you as an affiliate or JV (joint venture) partner because they know you and they know the quality of your work.


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