List Building Success Bundle

Now you are about to discover  list-building why this is going to be the “all you need‟ solution when it comes to creating a proven, automated list building system. The type where you can funnel your subscribers into a channel of automated follow-up emails and sell any product you want for a long time to come. If you have been in business for at least one month, you will know that the money is not necessarily in the list itself; it‟s actually in the relationship you build with the subscribers to your mailing list. Even so, there is still more to building a mailing list than just building a relationship or chasing the numbers.
The idea is to set up a mailing list funnel with sequential follow-up emails to one or a few highly targeted, proven-to-convert products or affiliate programs. And then the only constant source needed is just traffic. This is what makes this complete List Building bundle special from many other list building courses. That’s all you need to do and even that can be automated if you want to. The beauty of this system is that you can build your own brand and generate repeat sales on pure automation. In other words, when you refer a visitor to your website and he joins your mailing list, you can automatically build a brand for yourself and get repeat sales from the same customers over and over again, without lifting a finger. So, now you can utilize the the success of building a list and making valuable offers to them with several of these techniques and methods. Enjoy the rewards you deserve to a successful Home Business.



List Building Success in 6 Modules Videos, audios, Transcripts, and Ebooks

It’s tried. It’s tested. It stands the test of time. You won’t be at the mercy of shortlived trends because email is an essential Internet tool – and everyone with an Internet access has an email account.

Once you get people onto your mailing list, it’s yours. They have already given you their permission to email them, and you can be making money just sending emails to them.

So, now you can utilize the the success of building a list and making valuable offers to them with several of these techniques and methods. Enjoy the rewards you deserve to a successful Home Business.

Here is just a sampling of what you’ll discover in the comprehensive video, audio, and Ebook course:

  • Discover how to setup the Ace List Building system just one time to grow your list, build your brand, and generate repeat sales on autopilot. After that, just add traffic!
  • The ‘Missing Ingredient’ all marketers forgot to tell you when they say “The Money’s In The List.” If you, like most people, get this part wrong you’ll be married to a JOB and doomed work hard every time to make a sale. This ‘Missing Ingredient’ goes beyond building a relationship with your subscribers because it also grows your business quicker, faster, and easier!
  • Never again get stuck trying to explain the Ace List Building process to your outsource team. Just hand them this scheme and say “I Want It Now!”
  • *New* Anatomy of the Squeeze Page unlike any other. You’ll know EXACTLY what to put into your squeeze pages with this outline. Don’t know how to write long copy? No problem. This strategy can give you high subscriptions rate even if your copywriting IQ is below zero.
  • Steal this secret sauce that keeps my business running at full speed even during the recession when my competitors run dry on cash and traffic. Plus, I will teach you to do this without spending any money on expensive scripts or software.
  • How to get repeat sales from the same customers who bought from you before. Once you engineer this process properly, your customers will want to buy more stuff from you again and again.
  • Get paid faster with 3 profit centers and 1 traffic multiplier built into the Ace List Building system The 4 cornerstones.
  • Squeeze Page “Black Belt” writing. How to write killer copy if all you have is a basic command of English. Use this sequel technique to multiply your subscription rates further. No longer do you have to be at the mercy of an expensive copywriter when you can do a better job yourself using “Black Belt” writing.
  • Origins of the Squeeze Page explained in plain English. Just in case you’re new to all this, I will teach you the basics one step at a time. If you’re advanced, then this is the best refresher you’ll ever find.
  • Look Inside The Hood! The 4 essential components in the “new generation” Squeeze Page engine. Lose any one of the components and your squeeze page is at a severe disadvantage.
  • Use this proven Squeeze Page format to construct your own subscriber sucking’ machine. Plus, new squeeze page discovery that converts XX% better than the norm. Learn how to reproduce this anomaly so you can turn the tides to your favor.
  • Headline Howitzer! How to construct my headline to pack the biggest bang for my buck. You’ll discover the same blueprint to write your own attention grabbing headline, down to the exact font type, color, and message.
  • Introducing the ‘Spokesperson Squeeze’. The essential element used in my “new generation” squeeze page to champion my list building. Since implementing this technique, my conversion rate improved by a factor of XX.
  • Multiply your results through serious automation and the 3 steps to instant list profits.
  • Avoid the biggest mistake marketers make after someone presses the “Submit” button. Instead, do the opposite to instantly weed out disinterested prospects from the very beginning.
  • How to build your list exponentially by enlisting the help of every new subscriber that enters your list. And the best part is, all this is done completely free of charge! This is truly list-building on steroids.
  • Recession-proof your list building activities. I will teach you how to powerfully position your list-building so you never have an excuse to “lay-off” building a list. Plus, I teach you how to use this technique to make money from cold prospects affected by the recession.
  • Making word-of-mouth work in your favor so other people build your list (and you don’t even have to lift a finger).
  • The magic bullet used to increase the life span of my products. And… how I successfully sold the same information and digital goods to my list over and over again.
  • Hate to hard-sell your subscribers? Then this strategy of selling is for you. In fact, it’s even better than getting JV partners to make sales for you.
  • Get more people to click on your order links. See how I increase my click through rate (CTR) without working hard – even a 12 year-old can do this.
  • Important Insight Inside: “When you start selling something, something strange happens…” Learn how by adding one word to your email, you can make your customers want your products so badly that they search for excuses to buy. Hint: And when you give them the reasons to buy, the sale is done!
  • Discover the types of offers which work best on follow-up emails. Plus, a neat email writing trick used to generate $20 million dollars in annual revenue and how you can do it too.
  • Pull out my never-before-revealed case study of follow-up emails sequence. Again, I will hold your hand and walk you through the entire process and in the end, you’ll be ready to craft sales-pulling emails. Be prepared though, your fingers will literally *dance* on the keyboard.
  • Final Question: “What Happens After My Subscriber Received All My Emails But Never Bought?” I will teach you what I do to save unresponsive customers and re-activate them. Plus, you’ll know how long I wait before sending the next offer.
  • How to pour a never-ending supply of traffic into your list-building funnel.
  • A simple, step-by-step procedure to avoid broken links, 404 “Page Not Found” error, and other kinks and glitches in your system.
  • Get instant traffic in 5 minutes using this cost effective pay-per-click strategy. Also, uncover lucrative and highly targeted keywords with this marketer’s best kept secret software.
  • Start your own split-testing campaigns to multiply your opt-in rates without buying expensive software or hiring techies to do the work.
  • How to get tones of traffic by syndicating content. Plus, use this loop-hole in article directories to get your list built faster!
  • Long term traffic in 30 minutes. How to get cooperation from membership site owners to pour traffic to you willingly. Plus, a list of membership sites to get you started.  With this strategy, you’re practically transferring paying customers from other people’s membership sites into your list.
  1. Module #1: Ace List Building – Overview
  2. Module #2: Squeeze Page “Black Belt” Writing
  3. Module #3: 3 Steps to Instant List Profit & Multiplication
  4. Module #4: Repeat Sales with Email Automation
  5. Module #5: Getting Traffic and List
  6. Module #6: Putting Everything Together

It’s All in the List Ebook:

There are many ways that one can earn money thru the internet these days, and one such way that is widely gaining popularity fast is the email list. Accordingly, it has helped a lot of online entrepreneurs get the clients and subscribers they need and keep them. You too, can be one of these successful online entrepreneurs.

By using an email list, you can increase the number of your potential customers by hundreds in a flash. This is possible by offering them different kinds of freebies that will surely encourage them to sign up for subscription into your site. Building an email list is quite challenging, but very rewarding in the end. It not only earns you money, but promotes and strengthens your relationship with your clients and subscribers alike.

The success of a business depends largely on the number of loyal and faithful customers who avail of your products and services. Thus, make it a point to keep your community of customers and clients growing – an endeavor that a highly-­‐responsive email list can help you with.

Creating a Stream of Traffic and Maintaining it Ebook:

If you are into any kind of online business, the most important thing for you will be to bring a stream of healthy online traffic to your business website. There are many ways to do that, but what can you do to really ensure you have a great flow of traffic constantly coming over to your website? Here are the methods that you can use.

Topics covered in this Ebook:

  • Concepts of Turbo Traffic Generation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Distributing Press Releases
  • Using Facebook and Twitter
  • Using Hubpages and Squidoo
  • Video Marketing
  • Link Exchange Programs
  • RSS Feeds
  • Building Joint Venture Partnerships

 Build Your List for Big Profits:

Everyone, or at least every one among us, knows just how important it is to build a list of e-­‐mail addresses for a good Internet marketing. Now, many budding Internet marketers today make the wasteful mistake of overlooking their single most powerful tool – the list of e-­‐mail addresses they have compiled.

Think about it. You already have the e-­‐mail addresses of the people who may be interested in what you have to offer. So why not sell them related stuff via those e-­‐mail addresses? They gave you the consent to use them for communication, after all. Of course, you should know your limitations too, but that’s another discussion altogether.

Of course, you don’t just come up with a list of e-­‐mail addresses. It takes time and the consent of the people. That is where this book comes in. You are holding, in a manner of speaking, the guidebook to a better Internet marketing business. This will help you build your list via various techniques, detailed across 77 tips.

Well then, now we can get started. A lot of these techniques are what you might think of as different tools in the Internet marketing toolbox, but remember that the tool is much more effective if used in a certain manner. Without further ado, let’s kick off with tip number 1.


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