Leaders Blueprint

The Leaders Blue print is a book that was inspired by the need to develop some guidance on how an individual can enhance their influence as well as the loyalty of their followers. It is a book that lays the infrastructure as to the strategies, principles, skills and styles which leaders could make use of. You will acknowledge that without the ability to influence people to a common goal, then the leader would not be a leader at all. In addition, you will learn about the attributes that followers find to be admirable in leaders. These are the things that would enhance the influence and loyalty of the followers to their leaders. The Leader’s Blueprint Command Legions Of Followers With Ease Using This Ultimate Leader’s Handbook



Be a Leader

This book examines the definition of a leader as well as the sources of power and many other aspects to becoming a leader. You will acknowledge that leaders can be in either informal or formal organizations. In this case, it would be important to determine how they get to be influential to their subordinates. In this chapter you will learn what a leader is. What are the various forms of power that leaders can make use of?

  • Coercive power
  • Legitimate power
  • Reward power
  • Charismatic power
  • Expert power
  • Information power
  • Referent power

Who Is A Leader? A leader is defined as an individual who influences a group of people to act in a certain way in order to attain a certain goal. In this case, leadership is the process by which an individual enlists the support and aid of other people in an effort to accomplish a common goal or purpose. It is the creation of infrastructure for individuals to make contributions towards the attainment of a predetermined goal.

Of course there is leadership that can be defined as effective and ineffective. At this particular juncture, effective leadership would be our main concern as being in a position to influence legions of people is only desirable when it is for the right course. Effective leadership incorporates the capacity to integrate as well as optimize successfully the use of the resources that are at your disposal whether in the internal or external environment in an effort to attain societal or organizational goals.

Standing out in the midst of many There are many theories that abide to the aspects of leadership. It is important to acknowledge that leadership does not always have to incorporate formal authority. However, there are the unique powers that an individual must possess in order to be in a position to influence their followers or peers or even be able to control the available resources. It is important that a leader deemed to be successful incorporate effective use of these powers in order to influence their subordinates or followers. The leaders would have to understand what the utility of power is in order to enhance the strength of their leadership. There are various forms of powers including:-

The effectiveness of a leader in the control and influence of a group is definitely a desirable aspect. There are things that set apart different leaders. There are leaders who will be termed as successful while others may not be very successful. What are the skills, qualities, skills and principles that are applied by the successful leaders? The publication provides all these as well as the qualities that followers admire most in their leaders. You definitely do not have to wonder any more how you can handle the opposition in your organization. You can now go on and be the leader that the society needed. Believe in your ability to bring that change in the organization, group, team or society.

Good luck.


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