Confidence Confidant

High-confidence enables you do things right for your success. It will enhance your performance in whatever tasks you encounter. However, being too much confident will lead you to frustrations. Why? Because when you are too much confident, you neglect the simple things to prepare in pursuit of your success. You are thinking you can do everything, and when you are not able to do it, you will find yourself grieving too much for your loss. Self-confidence starts within you. Your assessment of your self-worth is what determines your selfconfidence. Somehow, there is gap between what you are now in your life and what you want to become in the future. The larger the gap between your self-image and your ideal self, the lesser is the level of your self-confidence. Get all the info you need here. The Confidence Confidant – Your trusted guide to building confidence and succeeding in anything. Be confident and reach your goals and dreams.



Very Important Topic!

When you have high self-confidence, you are able to take risks and face new challenges with an open mind that you can achieve what your personal goals are. You believe in yourself that you will succeed and that you can make things happen. This allows you to do things that will direct you reaching your dreams and being the person you want to become.

The Advantages On the other hand, when you have low self-confidence, you are afraid of taking risks and this disables you to grab opportunities that will help you achieve things in your life. You are doubtful with your skills and capabilities and your mind is filled with negative thoughts. Hence, even if you desire to be a better person in the future with a lot of achievements, you cannot take a step to reach that stage in your life. You are getting coward of realizing your visions. Being highly confident and over confident are two different things you must know for you to be guided.

Perhaps there are aspects in your life that contribute to your current level of self-confidence. Well, self-confidence is really founded in your belief in yourself. However, the people around you can also affect your upbringing as a person. One of the most influential people in young people’s lives is their parents. Yes, parents know best for their children. Definitely they should be the first persons who will help youth to build confidence within them and seek to achieve things for their future. Yet, we have to admit, not all parents are applying what they know is best for their children. It is sad to note that parents are abusing their children, battered them, shout at them often and give them a sense of unimportance. Hence, youth with this kind of family would fell they are not needed, that they don’t belong and that they do not have worth at all. Other people who greatly affect young people’s level confidence are their peers. Young as they are, they would want to belong in group of friends whom they can share their thoughts and problems.

They seek to be with their peers whom they can be who and what they really are. If the youngsters do not belong in any peer group and stays on their own, they will feel that nobody like them. They will feel that they are unwanted and that they have no people to get along with. As a result, their self-confidence rockets down and becomes low. How about you? What level are you in? Awareness of your strengths and weakness as well as you’re your ability to achieve things will help you to understand what you are now as a person. As you further read this book, you will know how you can succeed in life with building high level of self-confidence.

Here’s to your confidence.


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