48 Hours to Profits

This complete Internet marketing strategy makes it totally easy for you to…Turn Your Idea Into Cash … Within 48 Hours! This Proven System Puts You On The Fast-Track To Massive Internet Marketing Success!  I’ll keep this short and to the point because I know you’re eager to stop talking and start making money! Maybe you’re new to all this online marketing, and maybe you’ve been trying to figure it out for a long time. Either way one thing is certain: You’ve seen a ton of junk that doesn’t Work! And you’ve seen a slew of products that were supposed to help you make money, but just ended up confusing the heck out of you. Am I getting close to the mark? I started out very much like you. I wasn’t sure how to turn my ideas into money. To be honest I wasn’t even sure how to come up with a good idea! Well here’s your SOLUTION: A super simple Step-By-Step System that will show even a total newbie exactly how to build a profitable business from scratch!



Introducing the 48-Hour Profit Plan…

Ever asked yourself this very important question; which way is up? SO DID I. So how did I get where I am now? How did I become a successful Internet marketer with a whole network of profitable websites making money day after day whether I’m actually at my desk or not? Quite frankly I didn’t know if I was coming or going half the time. I tried hard but this marketing jazz made no sense to me and it seemed everything I tried flopped in a bad way.

I Admit It: I Did It The Hard Way! I worked 16 hour days for over a year. I bought every e-book and audio course I could find, and I spent a ton of money on coaching and consultation. I flew all over the country attending marketing seminars and long after the events were over I pestered the speakers I met at each seminar relentlessly with questions and requests for feedback.

It worked. It worked big time and now I stay up as late as I want because I have no time clock to punch in the morning. I have no boss telling me what to do next and I make more money in a month than I used to make all year at my J.O.B. I decided to do something about this. So I sat down and came up with… Not only will my system take you by the hand and help you explode into massive action, it will help you do so in just two days! This kick-butt proven formula for success is all about results! I built it myself from the ground up and I create my own niche sites using this exact blueprint!

Here’s just some of what you’ll get with this suite of detailed PDF modules and comprehensive video tutorials:

  • Complete system for coming up with a winning idea for your new business!
  • Proven niche research: I help you target the most lucrative market possible!
  • Complete product creation tutorial. Build your own info product with ease!
  • Detailed instruction for setting up your domain, hosting, and FTP connection.
  • Ready-made Web templates you can quickly and easily customize!
  • Complete walkthroughs for creating a winning sales letter for your new product!
  • Tons of pre-built modules you can use for virtual plug and play results!
  • Opt-in forms, thank you pages, and a nearly complete sales process for your site!
  • Detailed tutorial for adding your entire project to the Web in seconds!
  • Two proven, easy to use instant traffic generators for launching your venture!
  • Lessons on long-term traffic generation for your online business.
  • How to set up and leverage your own affiliate program for even more profit!
  • Loads of screen shots, detailed explanations, and thorough video tutorials!
  • And believe it or not a whole lot more!

Get step-by-step videos, audios, and pdfs to take you by the hand and learn more quickly.

Best of all: the entire system is on a 48-hour timeline! This course will show you how to build and launch your Business in 48 hours! This system breaks everything down into two phases, or two days. In Phase One (day one) you’ll come up with your idea, research your niche, create your product, and develop your sales site. Yes really! Then in Phase Two (day two) you’ll use two instant traffic generators to launch your new product to the world! Plus I’ll give you some very solid ongoing traffic tactics to help you build momentum for your new business over time.


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