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7 Module Confidence Mindset Course

This course contains 7 modules to help you get control of your mindset and accomplish anything you desire. Contains videos, audios, pdf scripts, checklists, worksheets, and mindmaps to help you achieve more, a lot more.

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Assertiveness-How to Stand Up for Yourself

The question always becomes am I assertive? Am I too assertive? Am I assertive to the point of being aggressive? No one wants to be known as aggressive just as they do not want to be known as a push over. The goal is to find that fine line in between too much and too little assertiveness. Balance if you will, so that you know when to let go or when to give a little bit. The study of assertiveness has a lot to do with how you establish personal boundaries for yourself and for others around you. Discover how you can utilize the gifts you’ve been given to boost your confidence and use assertiveness to help you achieve new levels of accomplishments and feel completely satisfied with yourself.


Bully Banish Buster

Bullying can have serious consequences, depending on how you deal with it. It can strip you of your confidence, which can keep you from every trying new things to reach your goals and dreams. This behavioral pattern is very negative and usually causes a lot of problems for the one on the receiving end of the bully’s target. This distinctive pattern of deliberately trying to harm or humiliate others is the main characteristics of a bully. These actions of intimidation allow the bully to always be a position to get what they want. Get all the info you need here.


Concrete Confidence

Here is an eBook that tells you how you go about monetizing things. How you can add to your income putting in minimal effort, and ensuring that that income keeps on flowing into your bank account.

  • Making Money Out of Anything… Anything!
  • Why You Just Cannot Forget the Internet
  • Build Something Successful
  • Setting Up Streams of Residual Income
  • Realizing the Power of ‘I Can’

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Confidence Confidant

High-confidence enables you do things right for your success. It will enhance your performance in whatever tasks you encounter. However, being too much confident will lead you to frustrations. Why? Because when you are too much confident, you neglect the simple things to prepare in pursuit of your success. You are thinking you can do everything, and when you are not able to do it, you will find yourself grieving too much for your loss. Self-confidence starts within you. Your assessment of your self-worth is what determines your selfconfidence. Somehow, there is gap between what you are now in your life and what you want to become in the future. The larger the gap between your self-image and your ideal self, the lesser is the level of your self-confidence. Get all the info you need here. The Confidence Confidant – Your trusted guide to building confidence and succeeding in anything. Be confident and reach your goals and dreams.


Outpace the Rest

In this not-so-ideal world, you need to find ways to show your worth and value in whatever organization you are in. As Gen-Yers, you should also take the counsel of the older generations because they have been here in this place longer than we are. There are insights and wisdom which you can readily learn from other generations as long as you are open to new learning and knowledge. Moreover, you can only get out of the status quo if you are willing to face new challenges and let go of the status quo.


Self Defense and Confidence

This system is assembled of assorted concepts; it’s far easier to learn a couple of concepts than to learn a different strategy to counter each different type of attack. We have adopted some of the very primary concepts used to produce a range of breaks aways blended with some primary hitting and placing. Together they’ll give you a great feel for some of the basics of self-defense. Right now you might well live in a place where you feel it’s safe and unnecessary for this type of book but will it forever be like that? Is the region expanding with new individuals bringing in different thoughts and values with them? Will you leave that region to travel for work or even fun? It may be very useful just to learn some fresh ideas. Open your mind and have a look at the situation from a wider point of view, there’s no harm in being prepared for the unforeseen.


Self Esteem in a Weekend

Discover how you can gain the all-important quality of Self Esteem in just one weekend. Learn simple techniques to help you understand Self Esteem and how to acquire it.


The 51st State Ebook

The 51st State is a must-have 150 page book that covers a wide range of methods and techniques to utilize the gifts you already possess to take control of your mindset and use it to reach incredible levels of achievement.


The 51st State Ebook/Audio Mp3 Combo

Make your empowering experience even more inspiring by adding an mp3 (not an audio book) to The 51st State ebook.


The Anxiety Antidote

Our life is full of stress and tension. If you think that you are the only person who is born with so many problems then, you are mistaken because everyone is tense in his own way but this is all about handling that pressure and tension effectively. Some people can handle those emotions, feelings, problems and tensions more positively than the others which make their life little more peaceful. Anxiety has different types and majorly you can divide it in two types which can be negative and positive. Now, most of you will wonder that how come anxiety can be positive thing but believe it or not if you utilize anxiety in proper way then it can be a much focused set of thoughts which can give you strength and courage to move forward in life. Anxiety has different types which can give you different sorts of disorders and disorientation in personality. To solve these problems, you need some effective needs to control your anxiety and in this EBook I will try to tell you all of such techniques which can help you in controlling your emotions, thoughts and angriness. These techniques will help you to make your life a happy experience.


The Essentials of Team Building

Getting people focused on the goal should also provide the platform for better decision making processes and also better time management. When all concerned are basically of one mind then it is easier to get things done quickly and efficiently. Perhaps even before the actual team building exercise commences there should be a period of active information collecting as this will help to design the best working style that would eventually produce the desired results with the timeline stipulated.


The Successful Confidence Factor

Every day, in one way or another, people are faced with challenges, and while some are relatively small, others can be quite overwhelming. Therefore the need for confidence is essential if the individual is going to be able to handle these life issues adequately and effectively. Get all the help you need here.