Overcome Challenges

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Dealing with Loneliness

If you are feeling lonely as you are reading this, you are not alone. The reason why I put this book together is because I know what it is like. Loneliness is a topic that is very close to my heart because I have been through the depths of empty, meaningless feelings many times and I am not new to that kind of feeling. Here is an Ebook to inspire you and hopefully motivate you to conquer loneliness and change your life around. We wish you the very best in Dealing with Loneliness.


Overcome Fears of Phobias

Phobia comes from the Greek word for “fear”. It is a strong, persistent fear of situations, objects, activities, or persons. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid the feared subject. When the fear is beyond one’s control or if the fear is interfering with daily life then a diagnosis under one of the anxiety disorders can be made. So, in essence, phobias are a type of anxiety disorder much along the lines of panic and fear. An American study by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) found that between 8.7% and 18.1% of Americans suffer from phobias. Learn how to identify phobias and how you can overcome the fears associated with them.


Reclaiming Your Power

Do you prefer to be successful? Do you prefer to savor life while you achieve all your goals? You are able to change your thoughts, regain your power and change your life. Get it all right here. When we connect with our power, our thoughts and feelings resonate with universal energy. Science has proven that there are infinite connections between all levels of existence and incredible possibilities through these connections. Connecting with our power links us to our personal truth and our highest ambitions and desires. Hopefully this book has given you the tools reclaim your power and skyrocket your money in the process.


Rejecting Rejection

Having the right, healthy outlook: The success of any business both of the online variety as well as the off line variety demand the right outlook from the get-go. A right and healthy outlook won’t guarantee success but an unseasonable and unhealthy outlook will most definitely guarantee failure. So the right
outlook is the first foundation that must be laid upon which a successful endeavor can be built. What is a right and healthy outlook? A right and healthy outlook is the willingness to work as hard and as long as is necessary to reach the goals that have been set. Don’t let fear stop you in your tracks. Learn how to Reject Rejection in this valuable Ebook.


Rising Above Life’s Turmoil

The turmoil of the world we cannot avoid, but the disturbances of mind we can overcome. The duties and difficulties of life claim our attention, but we can rise above all anxiety concerning them. Surrounded by noise, we can yet have a quiet mind; involved in responsibilities, the heart can be at rest. In the midst of strife, we can know the abiding peace. The twenty pieces which comprise this book unrelated as some of them are in the letter will be found to be harmonious in the spirit; in that they point the reader towards those heights of selfknowledge and selfconquest. Which, rising above the turbulence of the world, lift their peaks where the Heavenly Silence reigns.” A man’s surroundings are never against him.“We cannot alter external things, nor shape other people to our liking, nor mold the world to our wishes. But we can alter internal things our desires, passions, thoughts. We can shape our liking to other people, and we can mold the inner world of our own mind in accordance with wisdom. And so reconcile it to the outer world if men and things. Get this Ebook and discover how to get past life’s turmoil so you can live a happier life.